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Saudi Sport Hub believes that innovative sports technologies can be an important element in increasing the general physical activeness of people and fan engagement. This without a doubt will have a direct affect on the sports industry, destination marketing, and big data. The idea behind Saudi Sport Hub is to bring the best new innovations and start-ups into the ecosystem of the Saudi Sport Economy.

 Saudi Sport Hub is a partner of Wadi Makkah Tech Valley. The Hub is a community-led working environment where we regularly connect and collaborate with Sport Stakeholders, invite our partners to visit and meet our sport community and learn about emerging sport technologies.

Saudi Sport Hub is launching its new initiative – SportTech Meet Up – with the aim to build up the Sport Tech entrepreneurship community to identify the opportunities in the sport eco-system and its intersections with other opportunities such as tourism, health, education, entertainment, promotion of cultures and marketing of Saudi Arabia. Join the SportTech Meet Up event to be part of the Saudi Sports eco-system in Vision 2030 — Register NOW

Physical Activeness

Increase the overall physical activeness of the population from 13% to 40%, at least once a week

Famous Cities

Help 3 Saudi Cities to be in the top 100 cities of the world

Social Wellbeing

Improve the ranking of Saudi Arabia on the Social Capital Index from the current ranking of 26 to 10


Attracting greater foreign and domestic investment and sponsorship at state region emirates level with a strong Branding reputation for countries and sport Eco-systems worldwide


The foreign tourist and domestic visitor will pay a higher price to visit countries or buy products that have a reputation and a stronger brand of countries and the sporting Eco-system


Increase sales and Export rates of products at higher price now with a strong Brand reputation for countries and sport Eco-system worldwide


The history, customs, traditions, and culture of the country are seen with a good image and a desire to know more when there is a strong famous Brand` among countries worldwide

Sport Focus

  • Defining the Sport Stakeholders Regionally
  • Collaborating with Universities and Research Centers
  • Establishing Scientific Center for Sports Innovation
  • Educating Entrepreneurial Community in transforming current challenges into opportunities in creating start-ups part of sport
  • Participating /exhibiting/Competing in Sport Start-Ups Competitions
  • Utilising the Resources of 13 Saudi Regions to Attract Sport Start-Ups via Sport as Destination Marketing
  • Enabling Sport Incubators and ِAccelerators
  • Establish sport funding to support start-up sports companies
  • Introducing the concept of crowed-funding in Sports
  • Initiating interactions between different Stakeholders and Sport Entrepreneurial Community
  • Exploring initiatives/opportunities among Sport Entrepreneurial Community
  • Collaborating with International Partners to support Sports infrastructure Domain
  • Building Healthy and Compatible Sport Society

Solution Areas

Fan Engagement

Fan Engagement occurs when your franchise or stadium builds a more intense and deeply-rooted connection with the fan base. Fan engagement can make a considerable impact on your relationship with your customers

VR is a constant technological system that tracks body movement and updates the sights, sounds and touch based on those movements; you feel like you’re mentally transported into a different place

Virtual Reality

Smart Stadiums

Smart Stadiums provide fans with valuable information such as parking availability, the length of bathroom and concession lines, seat upgrades and special offers. Fans receive a convenient, personalized experience and enjoy shorter lines

Augmented Reality, unlike virtual reality (VR), is an immersive experience blending the real-world environment with computer-generated “augmented” elements and information

Augmented Reality

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is game-changing. It is more than ever timely, given that sports organizations and teams are exploring networked and wearable devices, both on and off the field

Blockchains has the potential to disrupt the sports industry. The potential opportunities for blockchain in sports sector include anti-doping, cultivation and utilization of big data, fan engagement, etc



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